If our patients become unstable, they are directly admitted to the hospital, bypassing the Emergency Department and unnecessary tests, until they are medically stable and can return to their COME HOME practice to the less expensive outpatient setting to complete therapy.
The COME HOME practices maintain a 24 hour 7 days a week triage line, staffed by trained First Responders, Oncology Nurses and physicians with access to the patient’s medical records electronically.
To empower patients throughout their care, COME HOME offers free patient education classes on the basics of cancer, treatment decision-making, symptom recognition, self-care, pain management, and caregiver support.
Our COME HOME physicians and their teams are always available to patients to answer questions, reassure them, and ensure that they are getting the RIGHT care in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.
To ensure that all patient care needs are met, our COME HOME medical teams include oncologist, diagnostic radiology, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, med techs, care coordinators, and trained first responders.
In each COME HOME practice, patients receive education on the complications of chemotherapy and instructions on how to report symptoms to the practice.

COME HOME practices

View the community oncology practices that are participating in the COME HOME program and find out more information on how IOBS is helping their patients receive the right care, at the right place and at the right time.